Global experiments show 72% reduction in terrorism

Super Radiance Impact On Casualties Caused By International Terrorism
Super Radiance Impact On Casualties Caused By International Terrorism

Research published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation shows how three global experiments generated an average 72% drop in terrorist incidents. These largely overlooked studies give us real hope that terrorism can be defeated by timely intervention at the most fundamental level of society.

The recent terrorist attacks in Berlin, Paris, Manchester, London and Barcelona suggest that our defences against terrorism remain far from comprehensive. A major concern is that terrorist outrages will continue unless we are prepared to slide down the slippery road to totalitarian state surveillance and oppressive government interference. As most of us don’t like the idea of living in a Police state, we risk remaining vulnerable to these random attacks; our hard pressed security services simply cannot be everywhere all at the same time.

Using conventional methods alone to round up prospective fanatics before they perform acts of violence is like scooping up water with a sieve and sooner or later some violent fanatic slips through the mesh. Experts predict that the war against terrorism will go on for another twenty-five years. All a bit depressing!

Happily, the experts are wrong.

There is now a wholly new approach we can explore that already has a promising track record of reducing terrorist activity. I fully admit that at first sight this new approach might look far-fetched to you, if not altogether bizarre, it nevertheless has a sound theoretical basis derived from quantum physics, as well as a ream of hard statistical evidence to support it’s effectiveness. I want you to remember that just because something is new and ‘unheard of’ does not make it either unrealistic or wrong. All our modern technology was new at one time and many are the instances of stubborn resistance to new revolutionary ideas just because they were new or conflicted with existing beliefs or self interest. So bear with me and give this one a try.

Don’t just swat the mosquitoes, drain the swamp

Part of the novelty is that this ‘quantum approach’ acts on the root causes of terrorism. Operating from the quantum level enables this technology to influence the deeper culture of society in a way that resolves disharmony and conflict at the most fundamental level of human existence.

An ancient saying goes that to be truly invincible you have to defeat the enemy before he is born. This is not to be interpreted as an endorsement for infanticide but reflects a profound understanding that enmity and hostility in society begins in the hearts of the people. In the context of the current terrorist threat, the essence of this proverb is that if you can resolve the inner fears, stresses, conflicts, and disharmony within the hearts of the population as a whole, you automatically and spontaneously dissolve the hatred and prejudices that are the triggers to acts of violence. Basically, instead of trying to swat the mosquitoes this new approach is about draining the swamp that incubates the mosquitoes in the first place. By this is meant that this new approach works on the level of the ‘collective consciousness’.

If you are new to the idea of the collective consciousness, this concept may need a little explanation.

What does collective consciousness mean?

Consciousness is that part of us that can step back from external events, our emotions and even our thoughts, and recognise itself as a unique centre of pure awareness. It is that faculty that can see us as separate from our intellect, emotion and conditioning. Awareness of the ‘Self’ or consciousness is described as the purest form of awareness as it transcends both thought and emotion and enables us to get in touch with the very essence of our being. Transcending thought and emotions means to experience awareness of one’s self without the effort needed to think thoughts or feel emotions.

Physicists are now theorising that at this level of pure awareness we are intimately connected to one another.

The logic derives from the discovery of four fundamental force fields or energy fields. Quantum physicists who have been mapping out these four fields are now attempting, with the aid of theoretical mathematics, to merge or unify these four fields into one overall field of intelligence. These ‘unified field’ physicists predict that all the diverse aspects of material and non-material nature across the entire universe, including all other laws of nature, originate from and are governed by one unbounded field of energy or field of creative intelligence. By implication the scientists equate this unified field to a field of pure awareness or consciousness.

When we use the term collective consciousness we are referring to the sum of the consciousness of every individual in society. In essence, the collective consciousness is that holistic level of society that both arises from and defines the character and quality of life of a population.

Consciousness is an all pervading energy field

The emerging understanding is that as consciousness is an all pervading energy field, then at the deepest level of consciousness, each individual member of society interacts invisibly and silently with all other members of society in a way that forms a more or less cohesive whole. There are different values of collective consciousness depending on the size of the group. These values range from family consciousness at perhaps the smallest level through to community consciousness, town or city consciousness, national consciousness, and ultimately to world consciousness.

Importantly, the quality of the collective consciousness of each of these levels is dependent on the quality of consciousness of its individual members. A cool and calm bunch of individuals make a cool and calm group. Similarly, stressed individuals contribute to the stress of the group as a whole.

Stress in the individual physiology creates stress in the collective consciousness.

Just as happiness is known to spread to other members of society, so individual stress also permeates society and influences other people’s behaviour. The relationship is reciprocal meaning that the collective consciousness also has an influence on each individual member; a happier society tends to breed happier people and a stressed society tends to breed stressed people.

When stress in the collective consciousness accrues beyond a certain degree it manifests in the form of outbreaks of anti-social behaviour, social disorder, disease and crime. Where societies become over stressed, we see eruptions of violent conflict, terrorism and ultimately open warfare.

In other words, the theory of consciousness recognises that outbursts of violence, crime or antisocial behaviour are in effect outbreaks of stressed behaviour sparked by stress in the collective consciousness. This understanding gives us an important opportunity as it means that stress in society as a whole is potentially dealt with by dealing with stress at the individual level. To achieve this we can turn to the most effective stress relief mechanism known to us – deep meditation.

There is a wealth of data now that indicates that a particular form of deep meditation, known as Transcendental Meditation, has a powerful impact on the stress levels of the individual meditator. For instance, there are studies that show that there is a clear correlation between coherent brainwaves induced by this form of deep meditation and the reduction of stress symptoms in the individual physiology. In the context of the terrorist threat on society, the theory of consciousness would suggest that this faculty of individual stress relief would also impact the wider group.

Happily this seems to be the case.

The Super Radiance effect

Scientists are now finding that, where on those rare occasions we have been able to measure the input of Transcendental Meditation on a group situation, it seems to be reducing stress in the wider group as whole.

This unique phenomenon is known as the Super Radiance effect.

Importantly, only very small numbers of meditators are required to produce the Super Radiance effect and impact a given population size. Studies carried out as far back as the late 1970s and 1980s show that the number of meditators necessary to start having a positive impact on society is about 1% of the host population.

All good so far, but believe or not, the news gets even better.

There is a growing body of research that shows how a form of advanced Transcendental Meditation known as the TM-Sidhi programme, carried out by a small group of meditators is even more effective at reversing negative social trends. Studies show such groups reducing open warfare, terrorism, crime and social conflict both rapidly and dramatically. The shift in trends is also very systematic, you can almost set your watch by it.

Super Radiance occurs at the precise moment the numbers in a group practising the TM-Sidhi programme reach a size equivalent to the square root of 1% of a given population. At that crucial point there is an immediate and dramatic reduction of hostility and violence within the host community as well as a surge in creative activity and positivity.

This sudden change in social trends, activated at the point when a community reaches the Super Radiance threshold, is so consistent that the effect is easily monitored from publicly available social and economic statistics. It is this consistency that is almost unique in the field of social sciences, that has enabled the wealth of research to be carried out on the subject.

More about Super Radiance

EEG Brain Wave Coherence During TM Practice
EEG Brain Wave Coherence During TM Practice

How does Super Radiance work?

Essentially highly coherent brainwaves generated by the collective meditation seem to be amplified in a group of TM-Sidhas and are transmitted at a distance to the rest of the population. The larger the group the greater the broadcast distance. Where a group of TM-Sidhas, achieves the threshold figure of the square root of 1% of the host population, their collective meditation enlivens the collective consciousness to an extent that then triggers the Super Radiance effect.

An enlivened collective consciousness serves to lessen the individual stress of everyone in society. The result is an immediate decline in symptoms of social disorder and conflict such as crime, political violence, terrorism and even open warfare.

Meta-analysis of three global peace projects

In the study on global terrorism (published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (1-4): 283-302, 2003; Orme-Johnson DW, Dillbeck MC, Alexander CN; ), a meta-analysis of three different Super Radiance projects demonstrated how Super Radiance quickly and quietly reduces the level of terrorist activity in a host community by an average of 72%.

In summary, the 2003 study looks at the global impact of three separate Super Radiance groups that each comprised from 6,000 to 8,000 TM-Sidhas for short periods between 1984 and 1985. As the table shows, each group was separate both in time and in place and at the time either achieved or approached the global Super Radiance figure. In other words the size of the groups was enough to impact the whole world.


Location No of TM Sidhas Start date Finish date
Fairfield Iowa, USA 8,000 27th December 1983 6th January 1984
The Hague, Holland 6,000 + 28th December 1984 6th January 1985
Washington DC, USA 5,500 9th July 1985 17th July 1985


The research methodology comprised a meta-analysis of data acquired from the Chronology of International Terrorism (Extract) complied by the Rand Corporation. This data was derived from public domain sources including about 100 newspapers, journals and periodicals. The researchers were careful to employ independent assessors to review the media data and these assessors were also blind to the dates of the projects.

To provide a control for the experiment, records of fatalities and injuries caused by terrorism were monitored over a two-year period (January 1983 to December 1985). The data was then subjected to time-series analysis.


Ecuador Military Meditating For Peace
Police cadets in Ecuador carry out counter insurgency duties by radiating coherent brainwaves across their country’s collective consciousness.

The results showed a dramatic decrease in terrorism of a mean 72% across all continents, as compared with terrorist activity recorded during the non-intervention periods. The positive impact began after a lag of about five-days from the start of each of the three Super Radiance projects. Incidentally, the records also show a commensurate decline in fatalities and injuries due to terrorist activity during the same periods.

Combating terrorism in the future

Many people, especially those in authority and the media, are quick to scoff at such outlandish claims. But it should be remembered that this meta-analysis is by no means unique and actually forms just one study out of fifty-three other Super Radiance studies.

The reduction in casualties and conflict during these three projects is entirely consistent with similar effects achieved by other experiments effecting smaller populations in different parts of the world and at different times over the last thirty years. As such, this study adds further weight to the consistent evidence that Super Radiance quickly reverses negative trends in society and stimulates a rapid reduction of violence, conflict and hostility.

The small size of the groups needed to create the Super Radiance effect presents our society with an awesome possibility. The research tells us that we can create a harmonising influence on society from any one central point without incurring the current negatives of:

  • Crossing ideological boundaries and religious divides,
  • Violating cherished rights and freedoms
  • Costing a seemingly ever-growing amount of tax payers’ money and government energy spent on conventional terrorist countermeasures


“The cost of implementing a permanent coherence creating group in the world is less than a single B2 bomber.” Dr. David Edwards, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin.


You can read more about how group meditation reverses negative social trends through the medium of the collective consciousness in “The Super Radiance effect” now available on Amazon in the UK and Amazon in the USA. The book summarises each of the fifty or so Super Radiance studies starting with the fascinating 1% studies in over fifty US towns in the late 1970s.

Article by Jeremy Old, author of ‘The Super Radiance effect’
CEO Natural Health Research Trust


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