Sunday, November 19, 5:15 pm

An invitation from the TM National Office

Nationwide group meditations with everyone connected online have been so very enjoyable in other countries, that now we are holding our FIRST online nationwide 20 minute group meditation in the United Kingdom.

Let’s aim for 5,000 meditating all around the country!

The nationwide group meditation will be linked via the ZOOM video-conferencing system (connection details below), and you can join at your local Transcendental Meditation Centre or from home. Please contact your local TM centre for details.

‘I loved it. The nationwide group meditation was very powerful, and the collective energy was palpable. The potential for great, positive effects is enormous and begs the question, ‘How soon can we do it again?’ — RB


5.00 pm Lines open.
5.15 pm Welcome and brief introduction.
5.20 pm Group meditation for 20 minutes.

How you make a difference:

We have all experienced that the Transcendental Meditation® technique is a powerful programme for eliminating stress, anxiety, and tension, and how that growing inner peace translates into a more harmonious, stress-free home. But can Transcendental Meditation practiced in groups affect society as a whole?

27 scientific studies have documented that when the TM and TM-Sidhi programmes are practiced in groups on a regular basis, a powerful influence of coherence and harmony radiates into the surrounding population, neutralising societal stress and tension, as evidenced by lower crime and accident rates and reduced social conflict.

While we have not yet studied the effects of large group meditations taking place simultaneously across an entire nation (or several nations), we expect that the shared experience of inner peace cannot help but radiate out to the environment, creating a wave of harmony and coherence.

We look forward to a very large group meditation with everyone enjoying a very profound and deep experience during Transcendental Meditation®, and radiating a very powerful influence of coherence and peace.

Let’s aim for 5,000 meditating all around the country!

We warmly invite all TM meditators to participate.

With best wishes,
Jai Guru Dev

Peter and Bibette Leadbetter

TM National Office


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