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Vedic Pandits Meditating For World Peace
Vedic Pandits Meditating For World Peace

Repeated scientific research shows that group meditation radiates a powerful peaceful influence on the area surrounding the meditators.

On the few occasions when there have been even temporary international peacekeeping groups of specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas, then fighting and open warfare has quickly ceased. (Read about the ‘first world peace project’ that was carried out in several war torn countries.)

And the first time a global peace project was set-up it had an impact across the whole world, but only for the limited time it was in existence. (Read more …)

Significantly, it was discovered that a more permanent group tends to have not just an immediate impact but an accumulative effect on society as well.

A watershed in history

The only time a longer term group of meditators came together to have an effect on a global scale was during the late 1980s. The powerful influence this group had on world consciousness proved to be a watershed in history.

Vedic Pandit Gathering For World Peace
Vedic Pandit Gathering For World Peace

Between 1988 and 1990 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of TM in the West set-up and maintained a full-time group of 8,000 Indian TM-Sidhas near New Delhi. The opportunity arose as the group was sponsored by a philanthropist.

For the three years that the peacekeeping group meditated together it maintained what is know as the Super Radiance effect for the entire world. The direct result was cessation of major conflict across the whole planet.

Three important outcomes were:

Ceasefire in the Iran-Iraq war

One of the most significant benefits occurred in the Middle East with a cessation of open warfare between Iraq and Iran in 1988.

This horrific eight year war between two fanatical rivals had cost possibly 1.5 million lives and had involved indiscriminate killing of civilians by missile attack, the use of chemical weapons and even human waves of teenagers to clear minefields. After only a few months of the international peacekeeping group being in existence this havoc had ceased.

Withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan

Early on in this three year period, the Red army pulled out of Afghanistan ending ten years of brutal occupation by the then Soviet Union.

The end of the cold war

Berlin Wall Falling
Berliners celebrate the falling of the wall that split Germany for thirty years

Finally in 1989, in conjunction with a massive TM teaching initiative in Russia, the international peacekeeping group with its 8,000 TM-Sidhas precipitated the unprecedented and peaceful collapse of the power bloc controlled by the Soviet Union.

40 years of Cold War between the super powers came to a swift and dramatic end without a shot being fired.

This spectacular and bloodless transformation removed the very real threat of nuclear annihilation that had hung over the world for all that time. Furthermore this wave of consciousness liberated Eastern Europe from the grinding yoke of communist tyranny.

So how does the coherence effect accumulate in society?

As time goes on, the greater coherence in the collective consciousness created by the TM-Sidhas in a peacekeeping group takes the stress out of society. Higher brainwave coherence and reduced stress translates into more coherent decisions being made by individuals across society and at every level of society.

Reduced stress improves our behaviour and decision-making

On a personal level, it is already well-known that when we are less stressed we have better access to a range of high level faculties. So when we are more relaxed and alert we experience improvements in our:

  • Rational intellect and problem-solving capacity
  • Imagination and access to more options for change,
  • Long term memory,
  • Ability to collaborate and listen to other points of view
  • Empathy with other peoples’ situations and problems
  • Focus on detail along with a better grasp of the bigger picture
  • Balanced judgement
  • Self awareness
  • Social awareness

What is a lot less well-known is that when a coherence group reduces stress in the collective consciousness then the individuals within the population begin to have easier access to these higher faculties as well. (Read research summary on the reduction of cortisol in subjects located in the vicinity of a meditating group and the radiated effect of highly coherent brainwaves on people at a distance)

So, as time goes on, and if the peacekeeping group remains in place, then the immediate improvements in alertness and orderliness in the minds of the population begin to be expressed in the myriad of interactions and transactions that go on in society.

This more intelligent and harmonious functioning becomes gradually structured in more rational laws, more creative business initiatives, positive treaties, more effective institutions and so on.

In turn these new material factors help to eliminate the stressors in society that helped to generate hostility and negative thinking in the first place. In this way a permanent peacekeeping group creates a virtuous cycle of general improvement across the whole of society.

Tragically, the full-time international peacekeeping group in India was short-lived. Shortly after these spectacular successes the group largely disbanded.

The result is that the world has become the volatile and violent place we see again today.

The need of the time, can we turn the tide?

Once again our tired old world is faced with what seems to be a growing range of intractable problems from global terrorism, impending financial melt down, a prospect of yet another war in the Middle East to combat nuclear proliferation, continuing Super Power rivalry and growing environmental and ecological issues that compete with nuclear weapons for predicted doomsday scenarios.

There are already peacekeeping groups of TM-Sidhas around the world. The largest of these is in the cenre of India and so far comprises a group of about 2,500 traditional Vedic Pandits. It is the goal of the TM teaching organisation to build this group to a size of 9,000 pandits to broadcast the Super Radiance effect to the entire world. You can learn more about this truly game changing project by clicking on the link Vedic pandits. There are also 2,000 TM-Sidhas in Iowa in the USA and several large groups of dtudents and school children in South America.

However, the real need of the time is that once again we have a new and permanent peacekeeping group of 9,000 TM-Sidhas to create an indomitable influence of harmony and coherence. Only a permanent peacekeeping group of this size will have an accumulative stress reducing effect on the collective consciousness of the entire world, and so create a sustainable state of world peace.

It is the World Peace Group’s ultimate aim to help build a permanent international peacekeeping group. All who love peace can take part in this historic initiative by making a monthly subscription to the World Peace Group

“From one spot in the world we can create that beautiful influence
of coherence and harmony which radiates around the world.
From one spot we can create invincibility for every nation.”
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


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