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The World Peace Group is funded by The Natural Health Research Trust (NHRT), a non-denominational registered UK charity (registration number 1024407). The purpose of the NHRT is to carry out independent research into promising natural health therapies and preventative systems with a view to encouraging a wider acceptance with the public and healthcare agencies.

World Peace Group objective

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The goal of the NHRT’s World Peace Group project is to set up an action research study demonstrating the effectiveness of meditation in improving public health, preventing crime and reducing violence. We can then build on this research to attract funds to help create a permanent base for World Peace.

Currently, we are a not for profit organisation run by unpaid volunteers.

The only marketing we are undertaking is to raise funds to set-up and run the World Peace Project.

Our commitment to you is that we will create or help sponsor a Super Radiance group and study the results

We aim to ensure that 95% of the money we recieve from your subscriptions (after PayPal transaction costs) will be invested in a coherence creating group of TM-Sidhas and the scientific analysis of the impact of this coherence group on society.

With your help we will continue to raise funds and invest in hiring more and more meditators until our ultimate goal is reached of achieving a permanent group of 10,000 TM-Sidhas meditating together to create a permanent state of world peace.


Jeremy Old
Natural Health Research Trust
40 Wimborne St Giles
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