Peace research studies


Collected Papers Scientific Research On Transcendental Meditation
There are now seven volumes comprising the collected research studies carried out since the 1970s on TM and the TM-Sidhi programme

Repeated scientific peace studies show that when meditating peace groups have been deployed they create:

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The establishment of a permanent world peace group is the purpose of the Natural Health Research Trust’s World Peace Project.


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Summaries of 53 amazing peace research projects that are changing the world
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“I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution.

This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.”

David Edwards Ph.D., Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin


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