What is the Super Radiance effect?


How meditation radiates an influence to a whole community

Super Radiance is the extraordinary, positive effect radiated to the rest of society by a group of specially trained meditators. This unique effect only takes place when a sufficient number of these meditators form a group to practise meditation together at the same time and on a daily basis.

The particular meditation required to create this powerful social effect is an advanced form of Transcendental Meditation known as the TM-Sidhi programme.

Meditation and brain wave coherence

One fascinating characteristic of the TM-Sidhi programme is that it stimulates highly coherent brain waves for the individual meditator or TM-Sidha as they are called. The significance of this is that a highly coherent brain has access to higher mental and emotional faculties usually found dormant when the brain is in a more stressed state.

Quality Of Life Index During Groups Practicing Trancendental Meditation
The first Super Radiance study was conducted in June 1978 in Rhode Island State USA. A combined index of social statistics including crime rates, car accident fatalities, unemployment, pollution etc improved during the experiment. Read more…

But that is not all.

When performed in a group this TM-Sidhi meditation, not only generates highly coherent brainwaves for each TM-Sidha, but also radiates this powerful brainwave effect to the surrounding non-meditating population as well.

The square root of 1% impact

However, to create the desired effect for any given population we have to have sufficient numbers in the group.

Super Radiance occurs at the precise moment the numbers in a group of TM-Sidhas reach a size equivalent to the square root of 1% of a given population. At that crucial point there is an immediate and dramatic reduction of hostility and violence within the host community as well as a surge in creative activity and positivity.

This sudden change in social trends, activated at the point when a community reaches Super Radiance, is so consistent that the effect is easily monitored from publicly available social statistics.

Extensive research on Super Radiance

Dicreased Crime Rate Merseyside With Group Practice Of Tm
Super Radiance reduces crime A long-term Super Radiance group near Liverpool halved relative crime rates in the region over five-years

As a result fifty-three research projects conducted in numerous countries around the world over the last forty years show reduced war deathsreduced terrorismreduced crime rates, less emergency calls, less suicides and accidents even less alcohol consumption.

On the economic side when a particular population achieves the Super Radiance threshold there are more business start-ups, more patent applications, improved stock indexes, lower inflation, higher employment rates, higher economic growth rates and so on.

It is important to note that this transformation in negative social trends is not generated by any social or physical interaction by the TM-Sidhas with the rest of the population. The effect is created silently and anonymously and can even be broadcast from other countries.

The larger the group the more disproportionate the impact

One significant feature of the Super Radiance effect is that the larger the group the more disproportionate the impact. The larger the group of TM-Sidhas, the wider the effect stretches.

So for instance to produce the desired effect for a country the size of the UK we need about 850 TM-Sidhas, for the USA we need about 1,900. But for the whole world of 8 billion people we only require about 9,300 TM-Sidhas.

Impact Of 3 Global Super Radience Groups On Reduction Of International Conflicts
Three different global Super Radiance groups reduced international conflict by between 24% and 36% during their duration. Read more…

9,300 TM-Sidhas is all that is required to bring about an immediate cessation of warfare and political violence across the entire globe. This is why the ultimate goal of the World Peace Group is to set-up a permanent global Super Radiance group. If you share this desire please donate today.

The effect by the way is immediate which is why we make the outrageous claim to be able to create World Peace in 24 hours.

If you would like to support our efforts to create global Super Radiance please consider donating today

What is a phase transition?

The immediate transformation generated by the Square root of 1% effect is sometimes referred to as a “phase transition”.

Scientists use the term phase transition to denote the change in a feature of a physical system that results in a discrete transition of that system to another state. For example, the boiling of water is a phase transition of water from a liquid phase to a gaseous phase and kicks in at exactly 100 degrees not before.

The Super Radiance phase transition kicks in immediately the square root of 1% figure has been reached for any given population not before. The process, once started, really is very fast. People who have experienced it say it is almost like turning on a light switch.

Why is this phenomenon called the Super Radiance effect?

The phenomenon of the square root of 1% effect has been called the Super Radiance effect due to its parallel with the phenomenon of super radiance in in physics.

Super radiance is exemplified by the generation of highly coherent light in lasers. Whereas in ordinary light, the intensity is proportional to the number of photons, the intensity of laser light is proportional to the square of the number of photons.


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