TM develops higher IQ


Improved Iq With Regular Practice Of Transcendental Meditation
Improved IQ With Regular Practice Of Transcendental Meditation

Research findings:

A study carried out on students who regularly practised Transcendental Meditation at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, USA showed significantly increased intelligence over a 2-year period. This was compared to control subjects from another local university.

This finding corroborates the results of two other studies showing increased IQ in Maharishi International University students.

Reference 1: Transcendental Meditation and improved performance on intelligence-related measures: A longitudinal study, published in Personality and Individual Differences 12: 1105-1116, 1991.

Reference 2: Longitudinal effects of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme on cognitive ability and cognitive style, published in Perceptual and Motor Skills 62: 731-738, 1986.


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