Why am I donating?


For the first time in recorded history we now have the practical means to create peace on earth. No more war, no more terrorism, nations and cultures living in harmony with one another.

This is a golden opportunity not to be missed.

The World Peace Group is raising funds to set-up and maintain or help support existing Super Radiance groups of TM-Sidhas to achieve the following goals from one point on earth:

  • To create a permanent peaceful world, free of war, violence, and hostility between the nations.
  • To create a space safe for you, your family, your community, your country and for every stranger that you have never met;
  • To secure a future for your children and their children and their children’s children.


Global Peace Index
No more of this. The Global Peace Index published by the Institute of Economics and Peace has measured the world becoming less peaceful for the third year running. Basically large parts of the world are still vulnerable to outbreaks of violence and hostility. We have the technology to stop this.


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