World peace research


John Hagelin Quantum Physicist discusses world peace research


The coherently functioning human brain is the basic unit of world peace


The wealth of research on the Super Radiance effect is generating a growing awareness of the beneficial effects of meditation.

However, although there are many meditation techniques available only the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique provides the necessary standardisation of both teaching and application that makes it useful for scientific research.

As a result there are now more than six hundred studies that collectively demonstrate that TM is a powerful mental relaxation technique  that promotes a range of different health factors for the individual practitioner.

A known range of personal health benefits from meditation

The research shows that among other benefits, TM:

Increased Brainwave Coherence During The Transcendental Meditation Technique
Brain maps show increased frontal brain wave coherence during meditation

Amazingly, brain wave coherence is infectious

Eeg Brain Wave Coherence During Tm Practice
EEG Brain Wave Coherence During Tm Practice

However there are further research findings that seem incredible to those of us bought up on the classical Newtonian laws of physics.

Research shows that during Transcendental Meditation our brains appear capable of influencing other brains without recourse to physical interaction through the five senses of perception.

EEG readings monitoring coherent alpha and theta brain wave states during the practise of TM show that non-participants located even some distance away experience commensurate, if diluted, improvements to their own brain wave coherence.

Researchers also observe decreases in cortisol levels and increases in serotonin levels in non-participants situated near to a meditating group.

Serious implications for TM as a research based technology for world peace

Significantly we now know that this broadcasted effect of TM has a beneficial impact on the thinking ability, physical health and behaviour of other non-meditating people, located even some distance away.

Interestingly a small number of meditators have an impact on a much wider number of people.


If just 1% of any given population practise TM on a daily basis, they have an immediate, significant and measurable effect on the rest of the local population.


The research evidence is systematic enough to predict that if just 1% of any given population practise TM on a daily basis, this is a sufficient number of people to have an immediate, significant and measurable effect on the rest of the local population. (As an example read about the 1% effect in Baskinta village during the lebanese civill war.)

The square root effect of the TM-Sidhi meditation programme

But there is some even more exciting news.

About forty different research studies demonstrate that an advanced version of TM, known as the TM-Sidhi programme, has a far more concentrated influence on a population. So much so that if only the square root of one percent (√1%) of the population practise the TM-Sidhi programme they will have the same impact as 1% of TM meditators.

This square root of 1% effect, sometimes called the ‘Super Radiance effect’ or Maharishi effect after Maharishi Mahes Yogi the founder of TM in the West has been clearly demonstrated in controlled studies across the world. (See list of published peace research studies.)

Super radiance effect reduces fatalities in war zones

Even when used in testing situations such as war zones, once the number of a group of meditators has reached the super radiance number, there is a ‘phase transition’ and an immediate drop in war deaths and violence.

In more peaceful societies as soon as there are enough TM-Sidhi practitioners, or Sidhas as they are called, to form the square root of 1% of the population, then the phase transition kicks in and a range of statistics suddenly begin to improve.

The improved statistics include those for terrorism, fatal or violent crime, car accidents, call-outs by emergency services. Even economic activity such as economic growth, business start-ups and patents being filed are seen to improve.

In large-scale demonstrations at international level the super radiance effect precipitates the same improvements across international frontiers as well as an easing of tension and hostility in international relations. (Read about Soviet USA relations.)

We can get other people to meditate for world peace on our behalf

The understanding of this natural phenomenon obviously gives us immense possibilities for comprehensively improving society both nationally and internationally.

Basically it means that as a species and under certain conditions, our brains seem to have been hardwired to influence the brains of other people in our group, however big that group may be.

As the science shows that we require so few meditators to have such a powerfully positive impact on the rest of society, we now know that we can improve the social and economic environment by getting people to meditate on our behalf.


Research shows that with enough TM-Sidhas meditating together in one place at the same time, World Peace is within our grasp within 24 hours.



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